Email: info@maywood-online.de

Name: RohanthaEingetragen am 17.05.2006 um 13:33:50
Homepage: -
Viktor, most of the songs on Holland's Glorie, including the one you mention are from the 1994 album "More Maywood".

Koen, I also have the same question about a Maywood DVD. Maybe Harald can do some coaxing with EMI. By the way, I've read elsewhere on the net about the Luv DVD, but havn't been able to locate a listing of it. Can you give me some details of it, including where it is available for sale.

take care,
Name: koenEingetragen am 15.05.2006 um 22:15:10
Homepage: -
Are there any plans of making a DVD of Maywood. Like the one of Luv ?
Name: ViktorSEingetragen am 26.04.2006 um 11:00:41
Homepage: -
Hello, Maywood experts!

I would appreciate if anybody give me an info about "Holland's Glorie" CD: where are the songs "This Broken Heart" and "Can I Hold You" from? Are they new songs extra for this compilation?

Are the 3 90's singles "You and I", "Blue Sundaymorning" and "Give Me Something" on the CD the original ones or re-makes?

Thanx in advance!
Name: NicoEingetragen am 26.03.2006 um 16:41:25
Homepage: -
Super Website! Ich erst zuruckgekehrt aus Tsjechien und auf der Heimweg nach Holland war das neue Album von Tanja Thomas im Radio Antenne Bayern. Gutes Album mit Cover von Late at Night von Maywood. Lange Zeit her das ich diesen Song gehoert habe aber er bleibt immer frisch und typisch Maywood.
Freundliche Gruesse,
Name: Friedrich SchmitzEingetragen am 19.10.2005 um 21:12:18
Homepage: -
Hallo, Maywood-Online-Macher.

Als ebensolcher Fan und geographischer Nachbar (Erkelenz) weist meine "Vita" erstaunliche Ähnlichkeiten mit der des Admins Kuch auf.
Von mir gibt's deshalb auch ein "herzliches Dankeschön" für diesen dezenten aber stilvollen Internetauftritt.
Macht gerne "weiter so" und "Viele Grüße" aus
der Lambertusstadt.
Name: BrigitteEingetragen am 12.10.2005 um 15:51:30
Homepage: -

Ich bin schon seit einiger Zeit grosser Fan von Eurer tollen Maywood-Webside und grosser Maywood-Fan und habe beinah alles von Maywood, auch die Cover-Versionen von Maywood. Ich bin der selben Meinung wie Robert, dass diese Rubrik fehlt und sollte unbedingt in diese Maywood-Webside. Ich habe die Singles bzw die CD`s der Kuenstler die Maywood-Songs gecovert haben und zwar:
1980 Demis Roussos - Give me back my love
1981 Tina York - Distant Love - Deutsch "Du bist da" auf Metronome 30. 388
1981 Tony Holiday - Rio - Deutsch " Rio de Janeiro" auf Polydor 2042 342
2000 Domenico - Manuel - Deutsch "Manuel" auf Maxi-CD City Music 73 48 48-2
Ich finde, die Cover-Versionen klingen alle auch sehr schoen und sollten erwaehnt werden.
Liebe Gruesse aus Stuttgart, Eure Brigitte
Name: Germen de GrootEingetragen am 11.10.2005 um 20:23:09
Homepage: -
Hello People,

I`m A big fan from the sisters Maywood.
From 1979 to now.
I like the Songs and Music from Alice.
And de Beautiful Voice from Caren.
I have Many Lp`s,Single`s(international)
CD`s.DVD`s (Recording from the Dutch and Germany TV)

all the best Germen
Name: RobertEingetragen am 28.09.2005 um 12:39:59
Homepage: -
Hallo Volker & Harald

Ich habe es mal bei Contact probiert, aber da hat es nicht geklappt. Ich finde Eure Homepage super, dennoch fehlt etwas wichtiges und zwar die Rubrik "Cover-Versionen von Maywood Songs".
Was hält Ihr von dieser Idee?
Liebe Grüsse, Euer Robert
Name: RohanthaEingetragen am 01.08.2005 um 12:35:20
Homepage: -
Hey guys,
Appreciate you writing in English, then we could all understand what you are saying.
Name: markEingetragen am 16.07.2005 um 05:48:52
Homepage: http://www.pussy-cat.nl
Hallo dieser Website sieht sehr gut aus!
Sehe auch mal nach denn offizielen Website von Pussycat.
Hoffentlich hören wir noch einmal etwas von Maywood.
Gruße von Mark
Name: Lars aus DortmundEingetragen am 14.07.2005 um 14:54:34
Homepage: http://www.night-system.de
Hallo Volker !

Tolle Seite !

Solltes Du mal einen guten DJ aus Dortmund für Hochzeit oder Geburtstag benötigen, sag bescheid ;-) http://www.night-system.de
Ich hab auch tolle Maywood Songs !

Ansonsten bis zum nächsten Konzert !!

Es grüssen

Lars & Mireille
Name: invisible_manEingetragen am 12.06.2005 um 06:29:00
Homepage: http://invisible-alex.narod.ru
Hello Volker,
I'm still waiting your reply about our trading of video. So long, Alex
Name: RohanthaEingetragen am 30.05.2005 um 05:59:01
Homepage: -
Great to see the Maywood site up again. It is such a pity that this great band didn't get the recognition it deserved. If it did, we probably would have got some more fantastic material from them. If anyone knows where, their "Beside You" CD could be obtained, please let me know.
Name: BenitaEingetragen am 17.05.2005 um 12:31:11
Homepage: -
jullie website is te gek, en ben blij dat we zo nog op de hoogte kunnen blijven.
Alice is de beste en blijft de beste.
denk nog vaak aan de mooie Maywood tijd terug.
succes met jullie website. Benita
Name: Fenneke Zonnebeld Rival MusicEingetragen am 11.05.2005 um 10:26:20
Homepage: http://www.rivalmusic.nl

Great to see Maywood online.
For me lots of memory's.
Hope Alice is still creative in the music-business.

All the best,

Name: ReinieEingetragen am 28.04.2005 um 03:22:08
Homepage: -
As a new fan from Virginia, USA, I am interested in buying cd's from Maywood. Any suggestions? Thank you, merci, danke.
Name: Alex EkaterinskyEingetragen am 20.04.2005 um 14:46:24
Homepage: -
Hi! I live in Russia and have no possibility to lister Alice's radio-interwiew, that will be 23.04.05. Who can help me and make a MC-recording of this?
Thank you.

Name: Radio SilverbirdEingetragen am 10.04.2005 um 17:34:26
Homepage: http://www.radiosilverbird.nl
Hello Freinds of Maywood.
We hat today Alice in the studio and it was great to have her here.
She was very nice and we hat a lovely interview.
We put a hyperlink of your site on our site.
Many greetings from Holland and we wish you and Alice all the best.

Ben (Radio Silverbird
Name: Sandra VanreysEingetragen am 14.03.2005 um 16:23:04
Homepage: www.sandravanreys.com
Hallo meine Deutsche freunden,

Mein Deutsch ist leider nicht feler frei aber ich finde es sehr schön dass Sie fúr Maywood dieser Site gemacht haben. Ich kenne Maywood seit lange zeit. Alice hat special fúr mich ein super Nummer geschrieben und ich haben das veröffentlicht auf Schallplatte ( WEA). Den titel heisst "This heart will beat". Alice ist ein grosses Talent und wir haben uns oft begegnet. Auch Ihre schwester Karen ist eine super sängerin. Sehr nette Kollegen. Ich wunsche Sie viel Glück und erfolg zu in den Zukunft. Wenn Sie wollen könnt Ihr auch einmal meiner Site anschauen.

Auf wiederhören Volkert !

Grüsse, Sandra vanreys aus Aalten in Holland
Name: invisible_manEingetragen am 11.03.2005 um 19:53:28
Homepage: www.invisible-alex.narod.ru
Hallo Volker,
Hast Du meinen Brief vom 12. Februar bekommen?
Gruss Alex
Name: Adam (UK)Eingetragen am 15.01.2005 um 02:12:50
Homepage: -
Maywood, an absolutely amazing band. I having been searching the web a long time now trying to find who sang the song "Break Away" and thanks to the guys who made this site, I have. I used to live in Holland back in '89 and recorded “Break Away” of the radio, but did not know who sang it or what it was called. After 15years, I am very happy to get this much information on the group.
Name: kasperEingetragen am 03.12.2004 um 14:57:24
Homepage: -
Het doet me goed,dat jullie er nog zijn.
Atleast,I found this.
Name: DannyEingetragen am 13.09.2004 um 13:50:53
Homepage: http://www.newsflash2000.nl
Hi Volker and Harald!

How are you all doing? Long time I didn't hear from you two! Any news from maywood? See you soon on MSN!

Bye for now!
Name: Eugene PeregudaEingetragen am 29.08.2004 um 03:49:03
Homepage: -
Hello Volker and Harald!
Thank you very much for the web page dedicated to Maywood. It's not easy to purchase all the discs of this group here in Siberia. Anyway it is one of the most interesting musical groups of the 80s.

Yours truly Eugene Pereguda.
Name: Harriet Ritah NanyongaEingetragen am 23.06.2004 um 21:49:56
Homepage: -
Its great finding somethting about Maywood at last. Is there anyone that has Maywood's sheet music?
Name: AlexeiEingetragen am 23.06.2004 um 01:05:52
Homepage: -
i have 2 performance of Maywood on video in Musikladen programme- they sang Rio and Distant Love.
the quality is excellent as awell as the sound
i wanna trade with fans who has other Maywood videos,
and by the way
i spoke recently to 4 or 5 dutch men and was asking them what Maywood doing now and i was told that a couple of years ago one sister has died from a cancer...
i was shocked!
i didnt find any confirmation of that
so anyone can tell me what is going on
as reading this site i see that everything is fine and girls are alive- thank god!

Name: klaasEingetragen am 22.06.2004 um 21:20:00
Homepage: -
Hi Ivisable man

please contact me privatly. I'm interested in a video cd of the Maywood tracks. I've got enough maywood material to trade.

Name: invisible_manEingetragen am 22.06.2004 um 18:41:40
Homepage: www.invisible-alex.narod.ru
Hallo Maywood fans! I have 4 TV appearances of Maywood on video-CD from Musikladen in great quality. I can trade the copy. I'm searching any qualitive video (TV Apperances) of Sandra, Arabesque, Maywood, A La Carte on VHS. If someone want to trade, e-mail me. E-mail is on my webpage.
Name: KlaasEingetragen am 19.06.2004 um 09:37:56
Homepage: -

Just bought the 2 DVD's released in Holland by Dureco containing a Maywood track. If you are interested then you should buy Holland.NL vol. 5. Here you can see the FIRST Maywood tv preformance for their eurovision songcontest entry "Ik wil alles met je delen" (live). It was at the Dutch final selection.
On Holland.NL vol. 3 you can find Maywood with "Late at night" and also Jose with her nr 1 single "I'll follow him" on wich Maywood did the backing vocals.
Fans from outside Holland .... whatch out for it on eBay or order your copy through other on line stores like www.gemm.com. Enjoy watching ... I surly do !!!

Best Wishes
Name: RobertEingetragen am 15.05.2004 um 22:13:56
Homepage: -
Hi, I'm from Seoul, Korea. I'm wondering why you omitted Korean pressings of Maywood in the discography section. "I'm in Love for The Very First Time" was big hit here in Korea. As you must know, Maywood took part in World Song Festival in 1982, and was the winner of Grand Prize. If you want, I can get you Korean pressing LPs. Kind regards, Robert
Name: DAVID FORSTEREingetragen am 05.05.2004 um 18:01:08
Homepage: -
Hallo Ihr beiden nett das es euch noch gibt, mich auch, denke oft an die alten zeiten mit brinker und rolf zurück, werde am 16. zum rolf fliegen nach IBIZA ein paar tage Urlaub machen. Gerne würde ich euch mal treffen um über alte Zeiten zu plaudern.Habe noch alle alten Platten von Euch.
Gruß David
Name: BramEingetragen am 03.05.2004 um 10:18:15
Homepage: -
The first three Maywoodalbums: "Maywood", "Different worlds" and "Colour my rainbow" can be ordered together on a 2CD (+ extra tracks) at www.baltcd.org (a Russian on-line shop) By the way, the first album is called here "Late at night", but that was as far as I know the title of this album in Germany.
Name: BoyanEingetragen am 19.04.2004 um 17:26:02
Homepage: -
Magda, many Maywood songs inlcuding Colour My Rainbow are available as MP3 files - I compiled two CD's for me. Can the fans answer my question: Why were Maywood so popular in the former communist countries?
Name: Magda fm RomaniaEingetragen am 21.03.2004 um 20:47:35
Homepage: -
Finally a Maywood site !!I have been looking all over the net for such a site !! In my country is very hard to find any Maywood material,somehow i managed to have a CD , but my greatest love is "Colour My Rainbow" and i simply can't find it !!:(( I won't mention a video with Maywood..
At least i found this site,thank God!
Name: MichaelEingetragen am 13.02.2004 um 19:11:12
Homepage: -
I would like to know, when the answers to our questions will be posted?

I also wanted to know, if it is true that the reason for Maywood split were some kind of negative publicity, including rumours concerning personal lives of Alice and Karen?
Name: Tonnie ten HaveEingetragen am 12.02.2004 um 21:18:07
Homepage: -
Habe die Bilder angegucht. Grossartig!
Wann kommst du wieder reiten? Mein Pferd wartet
mit Ungeduld.
Viele Gruesse, Tonnie
Name: DannyEingetragen am 04.02.2004 um 01:08:35
Homepage: http://www.newsflash2000.nl
Hello Volker and Harald!

Nice picture of the month Februari! And good to see that all the lyrics of Maywood is complete on this wonderfull site! Glad that I could help you with the dutch lyrics! It was fun to do it!

Bye for now

Name: ViktorEingetragen am 24.11.2003 um 16:46:12
Homepage: -

Thank you for the beautiful site!
To all fans: could anybody help me to get Maywood's "Beside You" CD? I would be very grateful!

Viktor, Germany
Name: WolfgangEingetragen am 23.11.2003 um 21:05:40
Homepage: http://www.printenpromenaders.de
Greetings from Aachen, Germany. I found this link on the Pussycat-MB. Your homepage is nice, very informative. So thank's for all the work you put in it.
Name: Harald Christoph KuchEingetragen am 23.11.2003 um 19:56:07
Homepage: -
Michael, please send us an email to info@maywood-online.de regarding the autograph you asked for.
Name: MichaelEingetragen am 22.10.2003 um 20:17:00
Homepage: -
How can I get an autograph of Maywood? Any of the girls???

Can anyone translate what has been said on the TV show?
Name: BramEingetragen am 14.10.2003 um 14:03:12
Homepage: -
On mondayevening the 13th of october the two Maywood sisters Karen and Alice were seperately interviewed on Dutch Television to talk about their Dutch Eurovision entry from 1990 "Ik wil alles met je delen". You might say that they changed a lot during the last ten years. By the way this TVshow is totally devoted to the Eurovision Songcontest and is broadcasted every mondayevening at 20.00 CET on Nederland 2. (this is the second National Dutch TVchannel) It's possible to see every show on www.songfestival.nl during one week. Maywood was in the third episode of this show. (so it's possible to see them untill the 22th of october)
Name: DannyEingetragen am 03.10.2003 um 12:42:58
Homepage: -
Hi Volker and Harald!

The pictures are really nice you put on the website! Keep up the good work! And I keep visiting this website on a frequently base to see all the changes!

Bye for now!

Name: HansjörgEingetragen am 15.09.2003 um 11:23:47
Homepage: -
Danke für diese phantastische Homepage!
Maywood haben großartige Popsongs komponiert und gesungen. Diverse Produktionen erreichen mühelos Abba-Niveau. Leider haben Maywood nie die verdiente Anerkennung gefunden.

Thankyou for this fantastic homepage!
Maywood wrote and sang great pop songs. Various productions effortlessly reached Abba level. Unfortunately Maywood never reached the repute they would have earned for their efforts.
Name: BramEingetragen am 13.09.2003 um 12:39:21
Homepage: -
First of all I would like to express my admiration for this great site devoted to Maywood, which I consider as the best Dutch female group. (certainly not just because they could really sing, but also because they wrote all their own songs!) I was a big fan from the very early beginning and I do have all their records on CD. (but not all the re-releases) I certainly hope that EMI once will release a CD-version of the Spanish LP perhaps also including the two German singles.
From their second album "Different worlds" a TV-special has been made in the provence of Gelderland here in the east of The Netherlands. I can remember the shooting in an old steam-train in the village of Beekbergen near Apeldoorn, because I was there myself to see it all happen. It would be great if TV-specials and TV-performances could be releases on DVD. I do think this is a real collector's item for all the fans of Maywood.
Name: Ekaterinsky AlexanderEingetragen am 03.09.2003 um 07:09:21
Homepage: -
Oops, I forgot to write my e-mail in previous message: eas21-173@yandex.ru
Name: Ekaterinsky AlexanderEingetragen am 02.09.2003 um 12:02:31
Homepage: -
Thank You for the wonderful site!!! I like Maywood very much. It's my favouritest band after ABBA! I love Caren's powerful voice and Alice's beautiful melodies!
But I live in Russia, and I can't find a biggest part of Maywood recordings. In this moment have I albums 1980-1982 and 1991.
Please, help me!!!
Who can make for me CD-copies Maywood's spanish singles, albums 1987-1990, 1994, english singles, unincluded in albums, solo albums (before and after Maywood)? I buy it with pleasure!
Maybe, somebody knows webshops, where can I buy all Maywood's recordings?
Thank You!
Sorry for my bad English and mystakes)
Name: wim de vriesEingetragen am 29.08.2003 um 00:30:03
Homepage: -
perfect site for a perfect duo. good singers and nice people.
Name: Henk PetersEingetragen am 18.08.2003 um 20:23:37
Homepage: -

I am Maywood fan since the start of Maywood.I have lot of singles/lp´s and cd´s in my collection. Also from other countries.
I am looking for the tv specials of Maywood on video or DVD. And I am looking for Maywood songs in other languages on cd. For example Mutter (German). And I have the Spanish lp but I am looking for this lp on cd.
I hope there is someone who can help me.

Best Regards,

Name: DannyEingetragen am 15.08.2003 um 12:49:12
Homepage: -

I really like this website of Maywood! Keep up the good work!

I can't wait till the new cd of Maywood is coming out! Wondering what the songs are on this cd? I hope also the german versions!

Bye for now!


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