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Name: MichaelEingetragen am 22.10.2003 um 20:17:00
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How can I get an autograph of Maywood? Any of the girls???

Can anyone translate what has been said on the TV show?
Name: BramEingetragen am 14.10.2003 um 14:03:12
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On mondayevening the 13th of october the two Maywood sisters Karen and Alice were seperately interviewed on Dutch Television to talk about their Dutch Eurovision entry from 1990 "Ik wil alles met je delen". You might say that they changed a lot during the last ten years. By the way this TVshow is totally devoted to the Eurovision Songcontest and is broadcasted every mondayevening at 20.00 CET on Nederland 2. (this is the second National Dutch TVchannel) It's possible to see every show on www.songfestival.nl during one week. Maywood was in the third episode of this show. (so it's possible to see them untill the 22th of october)
Name: DannyEingetragen am 03.10.2003 um 12:42:58
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Hi Volker and Harald!

The pictures are really nice you put on the website! Keep up the good work! And I keep visiting this website on a frequently base to see all the changes!

Bye for now!

Name: HansjörgEingetragen am 15.09.2003 um 11:23:47
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Danke für diese phantastische Homepage!
Maywood haben großartige Popsongs komponiert und gesungen. Diverse Produktionen erreichen mühelos Abba-Niveau. Leider haben Maywood nie die verdiente Anerkennung gefunden.

Thankyou for this fantastic homepage!
Maywood wrote and sang great pop songs. Various productions effortlessly reached Abba level. Unfortunately Maywood never reached the repute they would have earned for their efforts.
Name: BramEingetragen am 13.09.2003 um 12:39:21
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First of all I would like to express my admiration for this great site devoted to Maywood, which I consider as the best Dutch female group. (certainly not just because they could really sing, but also because they wrote all their own songs!) I was a big fan from the very early beginning and I do have all their records on CD. (but not all the re-releases) I certainly hope that EMI once will release a CD-version of the Spanish LP perhaps also including the two German singles.
From their second album "Different worlds" a TV-special has been made in the provence of Gelderland here in the east of The Netherlands. I can remember the shooting in an old steam-train in the village of Beekbergen near Apeldoorn, because I was there myself to see it all happen. It would be great if TV-specials and TV-performances could be releases on DVD. I do think this is a real collector's item for all the fans of Maywood.
Name: Ekaterinsky AlexanderEingetragen am 03.09.2003 um 07:09:21
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Oops, I forgot to write my e-mail in previous message: eas21-173@yandex.ru
Name: Ekaterinsky AlexanderEingetragen am 02.09.2003 um 12:02:31
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Thank You for the wonderful site!!! I like Maywood very much. It's my favouritest band after ABBA! I love Caren's powerful voice and Alice's beautiful melodies!
But I live in Russia, and I can't find a biggest part of Maywood recordings. In this moment have I albums 1980-1982 and 1991.
Please, help me!!!
Who can make for me CD-copies Maywood's spanish singles, albums 1987-1990, 1994, english singles, unincluded in albums, solo albums (before and after Maywood)? I buy it with pleasure!
Maybe, somebody knows webshops, where can I buy all Maywood's recordings?
Thank You!
Sorry for my bad English and mystakes)
Name: wim de vriesEingetragen am 29.08.2003 um 00:30:03
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perfect site for a perfect duo. good singers and nice people.
Name: Henk PetersEingetragen am 18.08.2003 um 20:23:37
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I am Maywood fan since the start of Maywood.I have lot of singles/lp´s and cd´s in my collection. Also from other countries.
I am looking for the tv specials of Maywood on video or DVD. And I am looking for Maywood songs in other languages on cd. For example Mutter (German). And I have the Spanish lp but I am looking for this lp on cd.
I hope there is someone who can help me.

Best Regards,

Name: DannyEingetragen am 15.08.2003 um 12:49:12
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I really like this website of Maywood! Keep up the good work!

I can't wait till the new cd of Maywood is coming out! Wondering what the songs are on this cd? I hope also the german versions!

Bye for now!

Name: Klaas SijbesmaEingetragen am 08.08.2003 um 07:08:45
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I really like the site ;-)It has been taken some time, but now we finally have a document from these 2 sisters!!!
I've been a Maywood fan since I was 12 ... and still buy every record from outside Holland that is missing in my collection. Maybe there are some people among the visitors who want to trade or sell. Just contact me.
So keep up the good work.
Name: Hey JamesEingetragen am 07.08.2003 um 10:58:03
Homepage: www.heyjames.de
Maywood rules!
Name: BernhardEingetragen am 06.08.2003 um 18:21:11
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Tolle Seite, ich bin auch Maywood Fan.
Name: IVANEingetragen am 06.08.2003 um 12:12:41
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Name: christine bollenEingetragen am 03.08.2003 um 15:37:58
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Van harte gefeliciteerd met de nieuwe website.
Hopelijk komt een nieuwe cd van Alice, misschien ooit weer van hen samen.
I wish this website all the best!
Name: Francois SamsonEingetragen am 30.07.2003 um 19:06:26
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Bonjour !!!!!
Je trouve votre Homepage sur Maywood FORMIDABLE et merveilleuse bien faite et trés complète.
Superbe travail.
Merci de pouvoir donner l'occasion aux Fans de Maywood de se renseigner sur la Carriere de se formidable groupe qui je le souhaite reviendra un jour pour mon plaisir et celui de beaucoup `'autres personnes.
Je reviendrai visiter ce site régulièrement.....
Name: TjerryEingetragen am 24.07.2003 um 21:56:43
Homepage: www.2ndact.nl
I'm from holland! and i think this is a great site..Hope there's more information and pics in the near future... I was a fan when i was a 12 year old child...but so now and then i'll go back to my childhood and play some maywood favorite's! It's never boaring..still great music..
keep on going this good work!
Name: Leo EversEingetragen am 23.07.2003 um 19:08:35
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Hee Hello! Well, it was about time, but finaly there is a Maywoodsite on the internet. And it isn't even from Dutch-fans! That confirms that Maywood was much bigger than only a Dutch group and that they had success even outside the Dutch borders. I think this site is fantastic and Maywood deserves a site like this!!!!! I saw them once "live", many many years ago in Scheveningen (Holland) at the time that they had a big hit, "Rio". They sang live and they sounded really great. There's no doubt, these girls could REALLY sing! I've got allmost all their songs and I'm very proud of that! :-)
Right now I am (also) the proud owner of a dutch girlgroupclub. In that club we celebrate all the dutch girlgroups we had from the end of 70 uptill the eighties (Maywood, but also Luv, Babe, Doris D and the Pins, the Dolly Dots). So if your interested, you can find the club at: http://www.clubs.nl/community/default.asp?clubid=69526
Next week we will have a Maywoodweek. After that we will introduce groups like Snoopy, Risque, Champagne and many more.
But, once again, it's fantastic that you have made a great site like this for our great dutch girls: Maywood! I hope it will last a long time!!!
Greetings from Leo (nickname: Greatest Lover)

Name: invisible_manEingetragen am 23.07.2003 um 12:54:09
Homepage: http://www.invisible-alex.narod.ru/
Hallo!!! My congratulations!!!! Your site is very great! I like music of MAYWOOD very much. It's also my favorite girlband :-) If you like also Arabesque, A La Carte and Sandra - welcome to my homepage! If you want to exchange our links - just let me know. So long. Alex
Name: MichaelEingetragen am 22.07.2003 um 16:28:41
Homepage: annagerman.50megs.com
A very nice page indeed! I LOVE MAYWOOD! Where can I find their CD"s?
Name: Harald Christoph KuchEingetragen am 19.07.2003 um 21:32:30
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Name: Harald Christoph KuchEingetragen am 17.07.2003 um 21:15:07
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Hello and welcome to our guestbook. For the time being it is available only in German language, but we are checking with our provider to change it to English.

We are looking forward to your entries.

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